Tom was born in the 1980s in communist Czechoslovakia. His lifestyle and worldview were very different from today's fast-paced, informative, interconnected time. He graduated from a secondary vocational school specialising in the field of business.

As one of the first open EU generations, he took advantage of the open borders. He was dreaming of exploring and traveling the faraway world, and was the only one in his family to have the courage to set out on his own to experience the unknown.

The path of the heart led him, as he obeyed his inner voice, which is usually not listened to in ordinary life. He felt that life offered much more than just a stereotypical repetitive rat race, as Robert T. Kyosaki says. Since he discovered the movie "The Secret", he started to learn about the Law of Attraction. His greatest wish was to meet people from different parts of the world, to live life and learn new things about himself. Only a backpack and a tent were his luggage for this unusual, exciting, and unique journey. His attitude and worldview changed forever. He began to understand and perceive himself more.

He underwent a huge transformation, through which he was able to turn his luxuriously comfortable but destructive lifestyle upside down. He was a man used to living in material well-being, and professing a careless party lifestyle. After a long self-knowledge journey around the world, he experienced and survived many adventures. He embraced everything with which he was emotionally connected, away from his family, a beautiful girlfriend, luxurious work and a comfortable life. All this to get to know himself and finally to experience sincere joy and happiness. Thanks to that, he realised his uniqueness, though endless changes and moving out of comfort zones he could finally develop and grow.

During his life he visited more than 50 countries around the world. For the last 7 years, he has traveled continuously alone around the world. He lives and has lived on different continents, got to know rich countries such as Australia and New Zealand, where life was completely different from the poor countries of Latin America. He lived for two years on the popular and exceptional island of Bali. He met and made contact with more than a thousand people from different parts of the world, and speaks two foreign languages apart from his native Czech: English and Spanish. Body language has also become his most important tool.

He advocates a healthy lifestyle, while rejoicing in life. His core values are: love, compassion, gratitude, kindness, cooperation. An open heart has become his main navigation system, which he trusts a hundred percent. He relies on his intuition, but at the same time he is aware of the power of his own mind. He uses his mind as a tool to help him create his own reality.

Tom is a multi-talented athlete, adventurer, traveler, dancer, storyteller, life guide, creator of his own reality, and loves nature and animals.